Research area Algebra and Number Theory

Structure in algebra, number theory and geometry

Belval MSA

Using algebraic structures: from fundamental research to real-life application


At its foundation algebra is concerned with polynomial equations and their solutions. In the Algebra & Number Theory (ANT) research area, we use these to model and study objects with a very rich and deep structure, like varieties and groups in algebraic and arithmetic geometry, modular forms in number theory, or operads.
We then study invariants, symmetries, and deformations of these algebraic structures to understand how they behave under various transformations and how they are related to one another. We regularly combine these more abstract questions with computational tools and real-life applications in cryptography. Our research often involves aspects of representation theory and topology.
The following scientists and their groups contribute to the research in this area: Pieter Belmans, Sergei Merkulov, Antonella Perucca, Sarah Scherotzke, Bruno Teheux, Gabor Wiese.

Research groups