Doctoral Education Doctoral Programme in Finance

Research and training in Finance at the highest level

Doctoral Programme in Finance. Cover

The programme attracts promising students in a stimulating environment. Its goal is to produce scholars with expertise in finance, economics, and data science.

  • Duration
    3-5 years

  • Working Languages

  • Admissions
    From November to June

  • Fee

Student on the job market 2023-2024

  • Aleksandr Ermakov

    Ph.D. in Finance 
    University of Luxembourg

An ambitious programme

The programme offers training comparable to the most renowned finance departments. The first year is an intense coursework. It goes from the basics to the knowledge frontier in economics, econometrics, and finance. The second and third years offer specialized courses. All courses are in English and taught by local faculty and visiting scholars from renowned universities/business schools (e.g., University of Chicago, LBS etc.). Most students typically find their doctoral advisor in the second year of the programme. Advisors take great care of the students so they can advantageously compete with students from the most renowned universities. 

A stimulating environment

The Department of Finance is situated in the heart of Luxembourg’s financial hub at Campus Kirchberg. It comprises over 15 full-time faculty members with a strong research orientation cultivated in renowned economics and finance departments, such as New York University, Lausanne, University of Rochester, and Carnegie Mellon University. Despite its recent creation, it has become a prominent finance department in Europe. It comfortably ranks among the top 10 European finance departments based on the number of top economics, mathematical statistics, and finance publications per capita. It provides an international and stimulating environment with regular top research seminars and several prestigious conferences. Furthermore, its collaborative spirit extends within the University of Luxembourg, with close ties to the Department of Mathematics and the Department of Economics and Management. The Department of Finance also collaborates with key players in Luxembourg’s financial landscape, including the Luxembourg Financial Center, the European Stability Mechanism, the Central Bank of Luxembourg, and various other economic and financial institutions.

How to join ?

The Department of Finance usually posts an ad on the University’s Job Portal in November announcing the start of the selection process. The latter continues until June. Applications are reviewed regularly. The Department of Finance contacts selected candidates. The sooner you apply, the better. Most students are hired on behalf of the Department of Finance, and find their advisor in the second year of the programme.

Candidates with a degree in Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science, Engineering or another quantitative subject are particularly encouraged to apply. Candidates who already hold a research-oriented Master’s Degree in Economics, Finance, Financial Engineering, Econometrics, Statistics, or other related fields (ideally with a quantitative focus) may, exceptionally, directly join the second year of the programme.


Scholarships are available for promising students in the first year (Master in Quantitative Economics & Finance).

Full-time positions with a competitive salary are offered from the second year.