Luxembourg Learning Centre (LLC)

Course Readings (CourseReady)

In brief


Course readings are books that students need for their academic courses and that have been specifically selected by their professors. To help with these documentation needs, the LLC is providing the CourseReady tool, accessible via Moodle. Course bibliographies will be organised, content will be easy to access and communication with the library will be facilitated.

CourseReady is a tool accessible from Moodle and linked to the LLC collections.  It enables teachers to compile bibliographies of all types for each of their courses, which are easily accessible to students in one place.  

All resources brought together and shared efficiently:

  • Physical books from the LLC or elsewhere, ebooks, articles, videos, websites, PDFs, images…
  • Flexible organisation of resources
  • The list can be exported or shared

Less work for teachers

  • Lists can be reused and updated from year to year
  • Multiple lists can be created and stored as drafts
  • The intuitive nature of the tool saves a lot of time

Easy participation for students

  • Centralisation and accessibility of course materials
  • Interactive platform that encourages student participation

Instant communication with the LLC

  • Librarians view lists and purchase missing resources

  • You must have a valid LLC registration to access CourseReady.

  • Teachers

    • The first time, you need to install the activity in your Moodle course. 
    • Turn editing on > Add an activity or resource > External tool > Preconfigured tool: CourseReady (Leganto) > Save and display 
    • The list is then available as a link in your course at the bottom of the chosen section. 
  • Students

    Connect to the Moodle course concerned and click on the link at the bottom of a section. 

  • Teachers

    • Add any document easily 
    • Add tags and comments to guide students 
    • Organise sections 
    • Export the list, share it, find out how often resources are read 
  • Students

    • Find all the documents required for the course in one place 
    • Consult each resource based on the teacher’s comments 
    • Add your questions as comments 
    • Like and validate the documents of your choice