Luxembourg Learning Centre (LLC)

The Confucius Institute Collection

In brief

  • Location: Floor -2

  • Access: via

  • Contact: Hussein Zaitouni and Tiantian Wang

The largest dedicated collection for learning about China in Luxembourg

This special collection is the result of a successful collaborative project between the Confucius Institute at the University of Luxembourg and the Luxembourg Learning Centre. It is the largest dedicated collection for learning about China in Luxembourg. The purpose of this collection is to develop knowledge about Chinese literature, arts, philosophy, history, geography, economics, medicine and even cuisine, with more than 5,000 books, magazines, newspapers and DVDs about China in English, French, German and Chinese. Educational and teaching materials for every level (textbooks, dictionaries, CD-ROMs and DVDs) are also available.

The entire Confucius Institute collection is in You will find books, newspapers and e-books. You need to be registered with the library to borrow resources. If you need any guidance, please feel free to speak to the Learning Centre staff or to ask questions via the “Ask a librarian” service.

The same rules apply to these resources as to the other resources in the library. If you are an external user you can borrow resources for 2 weeks and they can be renewed twice (so the maximum loan time is 6 weeks). If you are an internal user (student or staff member), you can keep the resources for 3 months and renew them once. To find out more, see our “Borrow and return” page.

You can of course consult the resources on site and leave them in the library. You don’t need to be registered with the library or to be a staff member or a student at the University of Luxembourg to enjoy our premises. We have cosy spaces where you can read and work comfortably. To find out more about our working and relaxing spaces, check out the “Facilities” page.