Luxembourg Learning Centre (LLC)


In brief


The LLC’s book collection is multilingual. Most books are in English but we also have many books in French and German. We have fewer books in Luxembourgish.
Print books are available on the shelves in the LLC. They are classified by theme using the Dewey Decimal Classification.
The Dewey system organises all human knowledge into 10 broad classes. Each floor contains several subcategories (for example the 1st floor contains the psychology category (150) and the education category (370)).
The Stacks (on floor -2) contains older/less used books on all topics.

As the LLC holds 184 000 books, we advise that you use the catalogue to search for books.

  • Online
    Available via for university members with LLC registration

    You can search for books online using the catalogue. In the search bar you can enter a title, name or keywords. Alongside your search results, various options will appear on the right of the window. Please use the “UL Luxembourg Learning Centre” filter to narrow down your results to books available at the LLC.

    More information on e-books.

  • On Site
    Available at the LLC

    Books are freely accessible at the LLC. Each floor contains resources related to several disciplines. Older books are available in The Stacks on floor -2. You can browse for books on the shelves as most of them are directly accessible.

    If you wish to borrow books you will need to be registered with the LLC. More information on borrowing books.

    Please note that not all books can be borrowed. Some have a red dot on their back; this means that these books are not available to borrow and can only be consulted on site.

  • Online
    Available via for university members with LLC registration

    The LLC doesn’t grant access to online resources to all its users. Only to university members (Students and staff). Read more about the Registration at the LLC

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