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Working in Luxembourg as a student

All students enrolled at the University of Luxembourg are authorised to work during their studies, irrespective of their nationality, during the school holidays (40 hours/week) and/or throughout the year (15 hours/week).

Fixed-term contract of employment (15 hours per week)

  • Age requirements: There is no age limit.
  • Duration conditions: The fixed-term contract for students may not exceed 60 months (5 years) and may not be renewed more than twice. The maximum number of hours worked may not exceed 15 hours a week.
  • The remuneration must correspond to at least the hourly minimum social wage (€ 1,998.59 gross per month Index July 2018 – for people aged 18 and over).
  • References to legislation:
    • Article L.122-1, paragraph 3, point 5
    • Non-EU students: Free Movement of People and Immigration Act of 29 August 2008.Remark for non-European students: student residency permit = work permit

Working during the school holidays or the student contract (40 hours per week)

  • Age requirements: To work during the school holidays, you must be under 27 years old. If you are over 27, you can only work under a conventional fixed-term contract.
  • Duration conditions: Work during the school holidays is limited to two months per calendar year, only during the holidays (cf. the academic calendar).
  • The remuneration must be at least 80% of the minimum social wage, increased with age.
  • References to legislation:
    • Article L. 151-1 ff. of the Labour Code
    • Non-EU students: Free Movement of People and Immigration Act of 29 August 2008

Non EU, working in Luxembourg after graduation

You will find all the information on the website of the Ministère des Affaires Etrangères (“Professional activities after the completion of studies”)