Outreach DESCOM

Outreach activities

In order to support interactions between academia and the public, DESCOM organized and supported several outreach activities.
They are designed as hands-on science communication trainings (1-2 ECTS).

All comics can be read and downloaded for free. Volume 3 is out now.

If you want to receive copies of the comics or wish to use them in some outreach activities, distribute them or use them in your classes, please email DESCOM.

LUXplorations Vol 3 English, cover page: Shows a magnifying glass over the comic characters in planet Earth,

Science workshops

Boy and girl creating cute antibodies in a workshop

Several short science workshops on different topics covered in the comics have been organized via DESCOM too.

They have been carried out by the doctoral candidates at different occasions such as the Nuit de la Culture in Esch or the Luxembourg Science Center.

Science writing competition

Research is everywhere and for everyone! All scientists and researchers as well as everyone working in research or innovation in Luxembourg were invited to participate in this popular science writing competition.

The competition is organised in collaboration with science.lu, where you can also read the winning articles.

science writing competition - research is everywhere

Science Slam

Since 2021 LuxDoc asbl and DESCOM are organizing Luxembourg’s Science Slam together. The event brings six scientists on the stage of the Abbey Neumünster, where they entertain the audience with their research. Based on their performances the audience gets to choose the winner of the night.

Cancer quiz

In order to educate about cancer, DESCOM organized a cancer quiz together with Dr. Elisabeth Schaffner-Reckinger and several doctoral candidates. The quiz can be played on Kahoot in several languages. Live quiz sessions were held in April 2021 with invited experts from the field: Prof. Simone Niclou, Prof. Iris Behrmann and Prof. Guy Berchem.

Cancer quiz live

Rubik show

Rubik Show, a man with a rubik's cube

For Pi Day 2022 DESCOM organized an online event together with Prof. Antonella Perucca from the Department of Mathematics around the Rubik’s cube for pupils – the Rubik Show. World record holder Sebastiano Tronto showed how to solve the Rubik’s cube and gave some explanation of the Mathematics behind this puzzle.


DESCOM also supported outreach activities organized by others, such as a Lecture Series organized by Golden Me, the Indiana Jos tour from elisabeth Kanner, the 3 minutes thesis competition carried out by LuxDoc asbl or Inside Colon under the lead of Dr. Elisabeth Lettelier.