Just Graduated

The phrase “may you live in interesting times” would be an appropriate description of your time as students at the University of Luxembourg. You have persevered through all the challenges that life, and the world, have thrown at you and completed your degree as you hoped when you started. Congratulations!

Alumni Network

In many ways, this period of your life was a great preparation for the real world. Dealing with and overcoming the unexpected are major differentiators in almost any professional environment you will end up in, and you have now just completed a masterclass in overcoming adversity. You were students for a few years but will be alumni for the rest of your lives.

After two years of development, the new Alumni Network is ready to welcome you and facilitate the next phase of your relationship with the University. We are rolling out a new platform through which all alumni activities will now be organised. You can also follow our LinkedIn page and don’t forget to visit the brand new and Alumni online stores!

You may be leaving the University of Luxembourg, but the University of Luxembourg is not leaving you.

Stay engaged and help build the Alumni Network over the coming years.

GradPack for graduates

When you join, you will receive details on how to take advantage of the GradPack, an exclusive package of benefits offered to new graduates. Highlights of the GradPack include:

  • email address
  • continued access to the Career Centre and Job Teaser and discounts from the Confucius Institute and Competence Centre
  • discounted or free subscriptions to Luxembourg Times, Tageblatt, Le Quotidien, PaperJam, Delano
  • free or discounted memberships with multiple Chambers of Commerce, service clubs, and professional organizations

The GradPack is our way of helping you, our newest alumni, to get started in the professional world.

GradPack Partners

Employability Survey

As new alumni, you can help your university as well. In addition to staying involved through the Alumni Network, it is vitally important to complete the Employability Survey, which you will have received at the beginning of Graduation Week. The feedback gained from this survey is invaluable in helping the University to improve.