Study Programmes Diplôme d’études spécialisées en Médecine générale


To apply for a programme at the University of Luxembourg, candidates must comply with the general eligibility criteria for the chosen programme type and be selected by the study programme based on the quality of their application.

The Programme at a glance – 240 ECTS

  • Duration:
    4 years / 8 sem
  • Teaching Languages:
  • Admissions:
    Definitely closed
    Admissions for 2024-2025 open on 1 February 2024
  • Fees:
    200€/ sem. (semester 1,2,3,5)
  • Format:
    Full-time programme

Specific information for this programme

  • Required Degree

    Diploma: the applicant must have a basic medical qualification obtained in a Member State of the European Union or the European Economic Area or the Swiss Confederation referred to in Annex 5.1.1. of Directive 2005/36/EC or a basic medical qualification obtained in a third country recognised in accordance with the provisions of the Act of 28 October 2016 on the recognition of professional qualifications, meeting, in particular, the criteria laid down in Article 24 of this Act

    Nationality: the candidate must be a national of a Member State of the European Union or of the European Economic Area or of the Swiss Confederation or a national of a third country holding a valid residence permit issued by the Luxembourg Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs

  • Language Skills

    B2 in French and German

  • Documents registration form (for all candidates)
    1 passport photo (for all candidates)
    1 complete curriculum vitae/resumé (for all candidates)
    1 motivation letter (for all candidates)
    1 copy of the identity card (for all candidates)
    1 copy of both sides of the European health insurance card or proof of membership of a social insurance scheme indicating the period of validity (for all candidates)
    1 copy of secondary school leaving certificate (+ translation if non-EU)
    Transcript of university grades (+ translation if non-EU)
    1 bank statement (for all candidates)
    for candidates who have completed their second cycle of medical studies in France: 1 copy of the results of the National Classifying Examination (ENC) (for all candidates)
    B2 certificates in French and German (for all candidates)
    Detailed study programme of the 2nd cycle of medical studies (if non-EU)

    Note: Any supporting document in a language other than French, English or German must be translated by a sworn translator into one of these 3 languages. A copy of the original document must be sent with the translation

    Note for non-EU candidates: If one of the required documents is missing, the application will be refused.

  • Procedure

    A competitive examination will be held; the tests of the competitive examination and the number of points allocated to each test are fixed as follows:

    a written test on knowledge of French and German 20 points
    a written/oral test on general medical knowledge 40 points

  • Decisive Elements

    Candidates who have obtained a grade lower than 50% of the maximum grade in one or in the two (2) tests are eliminated. Candidates who have obtained a grade greater than or equal to 50% of the maximum grade in each test are ranked in the order of their final grades obtained in the two tests referred to above. This final grade is worked out by adding together the grades obtained in the different tests. In the event of an identical final grade obtained by two or more candidates, the candidate having obtained the best grade in general knowledge in medicine wins.