Study Programmes Formation continue en Langue, Culture et Société Italiennes

Come and spaghet it

The Continuing Education in Italian Language, Culture and Society (LCSI) offers a historical and cultural panorama of Italian civilisation.

The Programme at a glance – 30 ECTS

  • Duration:
    1 years / 2 sem
  • Teaching Languages:
  • Admissions:
    Definitely closed
    Admissions for 2024-2025 open on 1 February 2024
  • Fees:
    200€/ sem. (semester 1,2)
  • Format:
    Part-time programme

About the programme

The didactic approach is unique in that it combines the study of the traditional Italian culture of the peninsula with the study of its influence in Luxembourg. This programme provides tools for the reflection and better understanding of Italian society, language and culture from an interdisciplinary and intercultural academic perspective.

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Interested in Italian culture?

In the Grand Duchy of
Luxembourg the Italians have impregnated society and culture
over the past 140 years and have become the most the most integrated national group
The Continuing Education in Italian Language, Culture and Society
Society (LCSI) offers a historical
historical and cultural panorama
of Italian civilization.

This programme is aimed at anyone interested in Italian culture and, in particular, at professionals involved in economic, cultural and political exchanges with Italy and who wish to develop better communication and management skills of social and professional relations in an intercultural and multilingual Luxembourgish context.

Guest students:

The Continuing Education courses in Italian Language, Culture and Society are also open to guest students, provided that they have already followed the entire course in the past. An auditor who has never followed the Continuing Education courses will not be accepted.

Conference on 8 – 9 November :
Ces Italies qui respirent au Luxembourg et dans la Grande Région 2023