Faculty Faculty of Humanities, Education and Social Sciences (FHSE)

Media Centre

The MEDIACentre offers a broad range of services related to anything dealing with media as well as a comprehensive understanding of media use for research and teaching purposes.

The MEDIACenter’s main goal is to extend the University of Luxembourg’s general media knowledge and global notoriety. Observing and tracking technological progress is especially paramount to its objectives in order to anticipate whether something requires an early adoption or not.

Team leader of the Media Centre

Sascha Helsper

Team leader of the Media Centre

The team

Equipment & Studios

  • The Coffee Machine

    In the Media Centre we like to start working on your project around a strong cup of coffee. Around the meeting table, this is were we help you draft your project and work on the pre-production. This is were the creativity of our team sparks and give you that one idea you were looking for.

  • The Recording Studio

    The Media Centre has one professionnal studio equipped for various kind of recordings. Green Screen, Studio set, roundtable or podcast, the studio is flexible and can adapt to all kinds of productions.

  • The Editing Studio

    The editing studio is dedicated to edit audio and visuals, to work on the materials in post-productions. Equiped with high-end equipment and softwares, this is were the production comes to life thanks to our team.

Services offered

Research and teaching support
Consulting on the use of media for research or
teaching projects and production of related media assets.

Outreach and documentation
Audiovisual media production in the studios or in situ

Training for students and staff in audiovisual production, group and individual training sessions, online or hands on.

Pedagogical support
Development of blended learning assets, Moodle support and training, participation in study programmes (co-teaching or small modules)

Live events
Consulting, support and training for event organisers of remote and hybrid conferences and events

Dry hire
Equipment rental for creating media assets

Lab support
Maintenance of the faculty‘s lab structure