Study Programmes Master in Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Career opportunities

Candidates who complete the programme should find employment opportunities in areas of innovation management/small business management/start-ups/entrepreneurial contexts or corporate contexts and the public sector.


As a student of the Master in Entrepreneurship and Innovation you will:

›› Acquire entrepreneurial and innovative knowledge
›› Develop management and leadership skills
›› Learn how to successfully start a business
›› Get exposure to the Luxembourg entrepreneurship ecosystem, including internship and job opportunities
›› Join a young, dynamic university with an international student body and teaching staff

Learning Outcomes

The key objectives of the Master in Entrepreneurship and Innovation are to:


›› Critically assess and expand entrepreneurial and innovative skills
›› Recognise, analyse and offer solutions to innovation and entrepreneurial challenges, using conceptual tools and theoretical frameworks
›› Evaluate the components of a business plan and assess different business and financial models, as well as constructing a detailed financial and marketing plan
›› Convey ideas, express creativity and synthesise thinking and knowledge through group and project work
›› Acquire skills and knowledge to access resources and networks in Luxembourg to start a new venture


›› Critically review literature and apply theory to practice
›› Identify different styles and theories of leadership; advance own skills and leadership style
›› Review how owner managers strategically grow, innovate, harvest and exit their business through management process skills
›› Acquire inter-organisational skills; learn how to access and negotiate resources, and navigate entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystems and networks
›› Develop creative ideas and transform them into marketable goods and/or services through innovation skills
›› Enhance research skills