Study Programmes Bachelor en Droit

Career opportunities

Students having completed the Bachelor in Law may join various Master programmes in Law, in Luxembourg or abroad.


Optimal preparation for further studies in Luxembourg or beyond

Most legal careers require long studies (Bachelor and Master). Therefore, the Bachelor’s degree in law at the University of Luxembourg naturally leads to various Master’s courses in law, abroad or in Luxembourg, where students can choose to specialise in different types of law.

The transnational Bachelor in Law of the University of Luxembourg has the advantage, through the importance given to interculturality and flexibility of mind, of better preparing students for the pursuit of their studies in various fields and in various countries.

Learning outcomes

A pedagogical approach with a distinct advantage for students

Luxembourg and its law are characterized by an intrinsic openness to Europe and the world, hence the importance of a comparative and supranational approach in learning Luxembourg law. Our pedagogical approach aims at making the student understand the technicality of Luxembourg law while opening him/her to broader horizons vertically and horizontally, in order for him/her to become a more flexible, autonomous, creative and critical lawyer.

By virtue of its location, the orientation of its research and the composition of its academic body, the University of Luxembourg is particularly well placed to meet this challenge of modern legal education.