Research House for Sustainable Governance and Markets

Chairs, projects and research groups

The ADA Chair in Financial Law (inclusive finance) sponsored by ADA and the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs provides cutting edge research in the emerging field of law and regulation of inclusive finance, with a focus on knowledge transfer from European jurisdictions to developing countries.

In 2019, Luxembourg launched the creation of the Luxembourg Sustainable Finance Roadmap, an initiative aimed at developing a sustainable finance ecosystem, via its Luxembourg for Finance platform and with the support of the United Nations Environment Programme – Finance Initiative, as well as impact finance specialist Innpact,. Spearheaded by the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Environment, Climate and Sustainable Development, the initiative envisaged close collaboration with the academic community in the form of an academic chair and a research programme. 

The Department of Finance of the Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance proved to be an apt place to host this chair and this research project, as sustainable governance and markets is one of the Faculty’s strategic research programmes. This project in Sustainable Finance will bundle educational and research capabilities with industry expertise and knowledge while benefitting from the support of these two Ministries. The project will focus on activities in three core domains: research, education and exchange.

The projects aims to help bring targeted change to Luxembourg’s financial industry, transforming it into a sector that supports more sustainable and inclusive economic systems by advancing cutting-edge research, developing high-quality teaching and certification programmes, attracting talent and promoting Luxembourg as a leading destination for providers of sustainable finance services. 

To support and enhance the procurement activities, knowledge and research in Luxembourg, the Ministry of the Economy is collaborating with the University of Luxembourg to set and establish a Chair in Digital Procurement. The establishment of this Chair in Digital Procurement is an outcome of ongoing engagement between the Luxembourg Centre for Logistics and Supply Chain Management (LCL) and the Chief Procurement Officers (CPO) Club, composed of 7 leading companies – Amazon, ArcelorMittal, Delphi, Ferrero, Leaseplan, SES and Vodafone.

The Chair aims to facilitate the creation of a Procurement Excellence Platform (PEP), which will harness the links already established with the members of the CPO Club, the research and knowledge base in supply chain and logistics at the LCL, as well as the introduction of new educational activities focused around digital procurement. The aim of the PEP is to foster the procurement function in organizations while embracing digital innovations, to build educational programmes in procurement, to attract procurement talent to Luxembourg, to advance cutting-edge procurement research, and to champion Luxembourg as the destination of choice in Europe for establishing procurement hubs. 

Luxembourg is a major European hub for business, research and innovation, driving growth through digital transformation and innovation in key sectors such as logistics. Procurement is a crystalizing strategic operation. It needs to embrace opportunities arising from the digital revolution. The Luxembourg Centre for Logistics and Supply Chain Management (LCL) at the University of Luxembourg’s Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance is the natural place for this platform, as procurement is closely related to the supply chain functions.

The PEP will combine the knowledge and expertise of the CPO Club members together with the learning and research capabilities of the University of Luxembourg and the MIT SCALE Network and the support of the Ministry of the Economy. The PEP will focus on 3 core activities: education, research, exchange. To achieve its goals, a Digital Procurement Chair will be hired to lead the PEP and implement the identified core activities. The Chair will be accompanied by a PhD position and further assistance in accordance with the tasks described below.

Since 2017, the University of Luxembourg, specifically the Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance is actively cooperating in the field of legal higher education with the National University of Laos, specifically the Faculty of Law and Political Science (FLP) in the framework of an Inter-University Cooperation project which is an integral part of the Indicative Cooperation Program signed in 2015 between the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and Lao People’s Democratic Republic

The cooperation actions with the partner universities in Bamako (University of Legal and Political Sciences, and University of Social Sciences and Management) aim at concrete and targeted support to the development efforts of advanced education and research. These actions broaden and reinforce the first cooperation undertaken by the University of Luxembourg and complement the fields of Luxembourg Cooperation in Mali.

Since 2020, the project Working, Yet Poor (WorkYP) coordinated by the University of Luxembourg is focused on the increasing social trend of working people at risk or below the poverty line. The overall purpose is to effectively prevent the risk of social dumping, reduce economic shocks, and grant EU citizens, mostly those who do not circulate, regaining confidence in public governance and substantiating their citizenry’s status.