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Knowledge about Europe for students of all disciplines

The EurIdentity Certificate provides a broad knowledge on European topics and the EU. Students from all disciplines can choose courses on Europe and the EU and deepen their intercultural awareness. The EurIdentity Certificate also offers the opportunity to acquire skills that are valuable in the international labour market and to gain an additional qualification.

The programme at a glance – 24 ECTS

  • Duration
    1-6 semesters

  • Languages:
    EN, FR, DE

  • Admissions:
    Open to all students
    enrolled at the
    University of Luxembourg

  • Fees:
    included in regular fees

  • Format:
    Complementary to regular
    studies or incoming

    students at the University
    of Luxembourg

More about the EurIdentity Certificate

The EurIdentity Certificate is open to all students of the University of Luxembourg and the partner universities in the UniGR network.

There are two levels:

  • Level 1: E-learning module “EurIdentity Basic Module: Foundations of Europe” with basic information on European topics (6 ECTS). The course language is English, and the course is offered in the winter semester. Students can take the Basic Module as a stand-alone, independent of the EurIdentity Certificate.
  • Level 2: The “EurIdentity Certificate: Advanced Level” gives students a deeper insight into European topics. They need to validate 18 additional ECTS credits to obtain the certificate. The course languages are English, French and/or German, depending on the classes chosen. Students must complete a mobility period worth at least 6 ECTS.

Varied knowledge about Europe

Qualification for the labour market

Study in the Greater Region

For students of all disciplines


Co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union

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