University suspends its X/Twitter account

  • University / Central Administration and Rectorate
    30 November 2023
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After much consideration, the University of Luxembourg has decided to suspend its account on X (formerly Twitter). The editorial and commercial evolution of X/Twitter in recent months has come to conflict with the University’s values of diversity, inclusion and social dialogue. The disbanding of the moderation team at X/Twitter and the fact that the social media platform pulled out from the European Union’s voluntary code to fight disinformation further informed this decision.

While public debate, freedom of expression and exchange of ideas are the fundamental prerequisites for fostering new knowledge, this goal must be achieved in a sphere of tolerance and safety, in a spirit of driving knowledge, collaboration and innovation.

The decision concerns only the official profiles of the University. The University of Luxembourg as an institution will focus on its other social media accounts on LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram to share, discuss, and network. The University remains committed to a direct and personal connection with students and interested persons on these platforms.

The X/Twitter account will remain open and accessible, albeit without any further activity, while the University will monitor the evolution of the platform.