The University and the LTPS sign agreement for teaching in nursing

  • Faculty of Science, Technology and Medicine (FSTM)
    University / Central Administration and Rectorate
    20 June 2023
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The University of Luxembourg, the Lycée Technique pour Professions de Santé (LTPS) and their parent ministries, the ministry of Higher Education and Research and the Ministry of Education, Children and Youth, have signed an agreement specifying the transfer of nursing specialisation courses from the LTPS to the University.

The agreement is the result of several months of close collaboration between the LTPS and the University. It enables the two institutions to define the terms and conditions of their collaboration in terms of human resources, infrastructure and equipment, and to use possible synergies. The agreement seals the cooperation efforts between the two partners.

The agreement between the four parties has become effective in May 2023 and will be reviewed every three years. It follows the government’s decision to mandate the University to develop seven bachelor’s degrees in nursing sciences, in maieutic sciences-midwifery and MIT in radiology (medical imaging technician), the first series of which will be launched in September this year.

In practical terms, this partnership will leverage the expertise of LTPS teaching staff within the University’s Bachelors in nursing sciences. Following the joint discussions, a working group on clinical teaching has been set up to facilitate consultation between the Luxembourg clinical players., including the ”Fédération des Hôpitaux Luxembourgeois” (FHL) and the ”Confédération des Organismes Prestataires d’Aides et de Soins” (COPAS), to work together to muster the advanced skills of nurses.

The partnership also provides for the use of the premises and infrastructure of both institutions. For a transitional period, certain clinical laboratories on the LTPS premises may be used for teachings of the University, depending on the needs identified by the respective parties. From the start of the 2027-2028 academic year, with the exception of the advanced technician diploma (BTS, “Brevet de technician supérieur”) leading to the diploma of “Infirmier responsable de soins généraux” (nurse responsible for general care), the theoretical and practical teaching of all the University’s specialised Bachelors in nursing sciences will be carried out by the University, mainly on the Belval campus.

In September, four specialised bachelors will start at the University: Surgical Medical Technical Assistant, Nurse in Anesthesia and Resuscitation, Pediatric Nurse, and Psychiatric Nurse. These courses are designed for professionals who already have a degree in general nursing. At the start of the 2024 academic year, a Bachelor of Science in Nursing in General Care, a Bachelor of Maieutic Sciences – Midwifery, and a Bachelor of Medical Imaging Technicians in Radiology will start. At the same time, the study programme leading to the BTS-diploma of “Infirmier responsable de soins généraux” is being maintained at the LTPS.

From left to right: Marie Friedel, Prof. in nursing sciences, Maryse Goedert, Director of the LTPS and Laurence Bernard, Prof. in nursing sciences.