Debate series Let’s Talk100: AI for our Future

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    06 September 2023
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    Computer Science & ICT

From 19 September to 19 December, the University will host the debate series “Let’s Talk100: AI for our Future”, organised by Prof. Christoph Schommer from the Faculty of Science, Technology and Medicine and Ai.robolab.

Five debates will address questions at the heart of our society’s current relationship with AI. In each debate, one expert will argue in favour of a particular use-case of AI in society, while a second expert will argue against it. Each debate will also feature neutral speakers who will mediate and promote a fair debate between the two experts. The invited speakers come from across Luxembourg and Europe, and from diverse areas of expertise.

Debate series: artificial intelligence and our future

Each event starts at 18.00 in the Cercle Cité, Luxembourg City.

  • 19 September

    Generative AI as an opportunity for education?

  • 29 September

    AI and medicine/healthcare: a promising togetherness?

  • 24 October

    AI and arts: does this go together for an artificial creativity?

  • 21 November

    AI and ethics hand in hand?

  • 19 December

    AI for our future – are we on the right track?

Let’s Talk100_2023: AI for our Future has been funded by the Luxembourg National Research Fund (FNR). To register for in person attendance and see more details, visit the event page or contact

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