Recognition of prior experience

Recognition of prior experience is the assessment of an applicant’s or student’s existing knowledge, skills and competences for the purpose of determining whether they correspond to certain study requirements. With a recognition of prior experience, the University accepts that previous qualifications and/or experiences meet the requirements for accessing or progressing in a study programme.

Recognition thereby offers learners who lack the required diploma the possibility to take up university studies. For others, it avoids repetition of prior achievements and reduces the number of courses to be followed.

Who qualifies for a recognition of prior experience

The University accepts requests for recognition of prior experience from applicants to or students in one of its bachelor or master programmes.

Validation of prior experience for access to studies is only possible for citizens of the EU, EEA and Switzerland.

To qualify for assessment, the experience (educational and/or professional) must correspond to the qualification level required for access to or progression in the respective study programme. Common examples include:

  • Students transferring to the University of Luxembourg from a similar study programme at a different university;
  • Applicants holding a diploma of a professional or technical education (level 5 of the European/Luxembourg Qualifications Framework) in the field of the study programme to which they are applying;
  • Students who have previously followed studies at the University of Luxembourg and wish to re-apply after an interruption;
  • Professionals with experience in the field of the study programme to which they are applying;
  • Applicants without a qualifying diploma for access to studies who have relevant and equivalent professional experience.

A recognition of prior experience by the University without taking up studies at the University of Luxembourg is not possible.

How does the University recognise prior experience

To receive recognition of prior experience, requesters are required to provide evidence of relevant knowledge, skills and competences. If there are compelling reasons for not being able to document the experience (e.g., in the case that the requester is a refugee and has lost access to the diploma), the University’s Student Services can provide assistance for preparing the request.

In addition to the required documentation, the assessment can be based on an interview, assignment or test.

The evidence will be assessed against formal access or study requirements and learning outcomes. The reference for this assessment are the level descriptors defined in the Luxembourg Qualifications Framework, specific access requirements for the study programme and the module plan, and course offer of the programme. Requests are assessed by academic staff and professionals with the competence to exercise fair judgement. The University does not accept or consider the assessment for a recognition of prior experience undertaken by another institution.

A successful recognition is valid only for the concerned study programme.

A recognition of prior experience is not an official recognition of a diploma. Also, no degree or diploma of the University of Luxembourg can be granted through the recognition of prior experience – in order to receive a diploma from the University, at least 60 ECTS credits have to be obtained through completion of courses followed at and offered by the University..

How to apply

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A learning outcome is a statement of what a learner is expected to know, understand or be able to do at the end of a learning process*. Learning outcomes serve as a common reference for teaching, learning and assessment. In the Luxembourg Qualifications Framework, learning outcomes are classified in the following categories:

Knowledge: facts, principles, theories
Aptitudes: ability to apply knowledge to the completion of tasks and the resolution of problems (cognitive or practical)
Attitudes: assumption of responsibility and autonomy

*Bologna Working Group on Qualifications (2005). A Framework for Qualifications of the European Higher Education Area, p 29

Each study programme web page contains a link to its curriculum where course descriptions are published for each semester. Course descriptions include information on the course content, course objectives, course details, and the learning outcomes. You can use this information to find out whether your prior experience could be recognised for the award of credit or exemptions.

The timeframe for a recognition of prior experience assessment varies according to the type of request and the nature and extent of the prior experience to be assessed. Please count on your request taking several weeks to be processed.

You may have the possibility to appeal against a decision concerning the recognition of prior experience under certain conditions. For further information on how to appeal, please refer to the page concerning Appeals.

If you wish to withdraw a request for recognition, you can do so by informing:

In the case of request for recognition to gain access to a study programme: the Admissions office of the Student Department
In the case of requests for recognition to receive transfer credit or waivers: the Study Programme Administrator of the study programme concerned.
Are there fees involved in the recognition of prior experience?

The University processes requests for recognition of prior experience from students and applicants free of charge.