About Partners and International Networks

Academic partners

At the University of Luxembourg, we believe that international exchanges are an invaluable way of learning, and that students need to be prepared for the global job market that awaits them. The University has therefore established academic partnerships with universities around the world. These academic partnerships facilitate student exchanges for all our Bachelor students, as they are required to spend one semester at a university abroad. Master students may also benefit on a voluntary basis, while faculty, researcher and staff exchanges are also possible.

We are proud of our global network, which consists of over six hundred Erasmus+ agreements and over 100 international agreements targeting student exchanges within the European Union, and on a global scale respectively.
Under the Global Exchange Programme, we send students to and receive students from our outstanding international network of academic partners.

We also partner with

  • Logo Anefore


    Anefore is the national agency in charge of implementing the Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps programmes in Luxembourg. Anefore is also the national Europass and Euroguidance centre, the national eTwinning support organisation, the national unit of the Eurydice network and the national correspondent of the Youth Wiki network.

  • Sophia University

    Sophia University Luxembourg Office

    The special relationship between Sophia and Luxembourg goes back to September 1913, when Sophia University was founded in Japan by three Jesuit priests. One of them had Luxembourgish nationality. His name was Father Dahlmann and he stayed on to teach at the university in Tokyo that he had founded. In 2008, an agreement between Sophia University and the University of Luxembourg was signed.

  • Confucius Institute Logo

    Confucius Institute at the University of Luxembourg

    The Confucius Institute at the University of Luxembourg is dedicated to promoting the development of the Chinese language and culture, not only within the University but also across the country, especially at educational, cultural, economic and scientific level.