Research Support Department

The mission of the Research Support Department is to support the University’s aim to pursuit research at the highest international standard, by working in partnership with its researchers to secure, manage and increase funding from external organisations globally, nationally and regionally. This Department communicates the University of Luxembourg’s Research Strategy and Policy.

    The Research Support Department is responsible for providing an effective, efficient and proactive support structure to help and advice researchers on project acquisition, research execution, research management, result dissemination and exploitation.

    To that end, it gathers and distributes relevant information, proactively identifies sources of research funding, organises training, develops procedures and guidelines in line with the University of Luxembourg’s research strategy, and develops and fosters relationships with funding agencies, other research organisations and potential sponsors.

    This Department is also responsible for the management of Internal Funding schemes (the Internal Research Projects and Audacity Projects), the administration and validation of all internally and externally funded research projects, and the monitoring of their quality and progress and coordinates the University Leadership Academy for postdoc researchers (ULLA).

    The Research Support Department works closely with the Research Facilitators across the Faculties and Interdisciplinary Centres. Together they form the Research Facilitator Group who meets regularly to exchange and prepare the institutional support for all types of funding instruments.

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      Head of Research Support Department