Luxembourg Learning Centre

In September 2018, the new Learning Centre of the University of Luxembourg opened its doors.

Besides offering classical library services, the Learning Centre is primarily a space offering a state-of-the-art learning environment for students and for the general public.

The users of the Learning Centre benefit from a digitally enhanced learning experience covering a large variety of learning settings, from the individual workspace for the study of books and print-material, through digital collaboration environments for small groups up to interactive and virtual classrooms for larger groups of students who can be either on-site or connected via Internet.

It is possible to make online reservations for the exact type of learning environment that fits the needs of specific users and the opening hours of the new centre is warrant for its central role in making the Belval Campus a pole of attraction for the whole country and beyond in order to live extraordinary learning experiences.

Located in an architecturally amazing building combining the existing remains of the steel industry with an open and light-flooded spatial concept, the architectural environment constitutes in itself an invitation to stay, relax, work, think and get inspired for new ideas which will be the centre of the future development of the Belval Campus as the primary national scientific hub.

Head of the Luxembourg Learning Centre

Marie-Pierre Pausch

Head of the LLC