Infrastructure Department

The Department covers all activities related to buildings, from the conception and project phase to their operation.

    The project section develops the infrastructures to meet the needs of the University, in compliance with the deadlines and budget frameworks. This consists of the implementation of interior layout and facilities arrangement in buildings according to the specific needs of users, from design to reception, through authorisations, monitoring and significant infrastructure modifications.

    The operation division is in charge of servicing and maintenance of technical installations, space allocation management, staff assignment monitoring, elaboration and management of furnishing plans for rooms, leasing management, furniture and inventory management, management of technical projects, energy and maintenance contracts.

    The Department is also in charge of mobility and transport issues, including project development and operations management (parking, accessibility, car sharing, car-pooling, etc).

    Head of Infrastructure Department

    Team Leaders

    • Benoît FOUSS

      Benoît FOUSS

      Team Leader of Infrastructure Projects

    • Dominique ROBINET

      Dominique ROBINET

      Team Leader of Operation and Maintenance