Fundraising Office

The mission of the University is to transmit knowledge through teaching, but also to produce it through research. In addition to its traditional sources of funding (state endowment, state partnerships, etc.), the University also promotes the conclusion of private funding agreements for the achievement of these missions. The University thus, encourages agreements in the fields of research, training, infrastructure or other more specific projects.

The University’s objective is to mobilise private resources in the service of organisations and causes of general interest, which can take the form of either patronage or partnership as detailed in the Charter on fundraising (PDF).

Head of Office of Fundraising

  • Dr. Philippe LAMESCH

    Dr. Philippe LAMESCH

    Head of Office of Fundraising

Patronage – Philanthropy

Patronage and philanthropy therefore consist of material support given, without direct consideration from the beneficiary, a work project or a person for the exercise of activities of general interest.

This support is compulsorily documented by the following elements with a full indication of the donations or philanthropic objectives:

  • General or specific support for research,
  • Curricula,
  • Grants or scholarships for students,
  • Development of student housing (in-kind donations),
  • Legacies.

Unrestricted donations are also possible.

Sponsorship – Business partnership

This may be a multiannual commitment (of the order of 3 to 5 years) by a company, for significant amounts to support the development of research and/or teaching activities in a field of interest to a company.

Sponsorships and partnerships with companies can take the form of chairs, which constitute platforms that allow the organisation of multiple academic and/or scientific activities through:

  • The commitment of a member of the academic body of teacher-researchers (Academic Chair);
  • The strengthening of a research team in a specific discipline (Research Chair);
  • The promotion of this discipline through scientific symposia and public conferences in the presence of international “large formats”;
  • The funding of scientific or popular scientific events for students, researchers, professionals and the general public.

The Charter on Fundraising of the University of Luxembourg sets out the terms and rules adopted by the University’s Governing Board.

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