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Video Surveillance

  • The University of Luxembourg has implemented a CCTV (video surveillance) system across all its campuses.

    The staff in charge of security at the University of Luxembourg are responsible for the overall management and operation of the CCTV system, including activities relating to installation, recording, reviewing and monitoring.

    The aims of the CCTV system are as follows:

    • To prevent, reduce, detect and investigate incidents (thefts, fires, bomb alerts, accidents, etc.);
    • To ensure the safety of staff, students and visitors;
    • To assist in the investigation of suspected breaches of University regulations by staff or students.

    The use of CCTV is justified by the following legislation:

    • Article 6.1 (f) of the GDPR as that is the legitimate interest of the University and the University staff, students and third parties to ensure and grant the safety in the University’s premises;
    • Article L.261-1 (3) of the Luxembourg Labour Code (“Traitement à des fins de surveillance”). Data processing is carried out in the interests of employee health and safety.

    The CCTV system is not intended to monitor staff movements, production processes, departments or working hours inside the workplace.

  • Who is monitored?

    • University staff (including temporary staff) or students
    • Third parties: suppliers, visitors or service providers
  • What is monitored?

    • Main entrances of buildings
    • Emergency exits
    • Critical areas
  • Access to CCTV footage

    CCTV footage can only be accessed by the following people:

    University of Luxembourg:

    • Staff in charge of security at the University of Luxembourg (live footage and recordings)

    Third parties:

    • Security guards (live footage only)
    • External companies for maintenance purposes only (live footage and recordings)
    • Fonds Belval (live footage of Belval common areas only)

    If the images are required as evidence or for an investigation, the following parties may have access to the recorded footage:

    • Management
    • Staff in charge of security at the University of Luxembourg
    • The police
    • The emergency services
    • Public authorities (on request)
  • Retention of images

    Unless required as evidence, to investigate a crime or by law, CCTV images will be kept for no longer than 30 days from the date of recording. Images will be automatically overwritten after this point.

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