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Secure and reliable solutions for software practitioners
Software development is a complex engineering effort that requires novel techniques to ensure security, reliability, and quality. TruX conducts research in software security, software repair, and explainable software to create key practical solutions for developers, allowing them to achieve trustworthiness, efficiency, and transparency. Application areas include FinTech, embedded systems (e.g., mobile), business or entertainment systems, cybersecurity, and more.

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Researchers & Partners

This real-world approach to software engineering is particularly well-suited for researchers with a genuine interest in helping to develop trustworthy software. They will benefit from a collaborative environment where they are invited to share their ideas. PhD candidates and Master’s students will find support from renowned supervisors to persevere and grow in their field of specialisation, as well as opportunities to collaborate with other institutions. The group has also been awarded an ERC Starting Grant from the European Research Council.

Using automation and machine learning, TruX conducts dedicated research in real-world scenarios, exploring ways to help public entities and companies protect themselves from bugs or threats such as malware and cyberattacks. Partners will find an open and supportive team of scientists with experience in collaborating with industrial R&D departments on topics such as software analysis, automated repair, mobile security, bug detection, and more.