Signal Processing and Communications (SIGCOM) Software Simulation Tools

SatComm Carrier Aggregation

Two different tools were developed within ESA CADSAT project.

CADSAT SW Tool 1: CA validation for single user with PHY-layer details and GSE encapsulation implemented. The presence of other users is artificially generated with XFECFRAME zero-padding. Used to validate the PDU scheduler and merging traffic at the user side.

H. Al-Hraishawi, N. Maturo, E. Lagunas, S. Chatzinotas, “Scheduling Design and Performance Analysis of Carrier Aggregation in Satellite Communication Systems”, IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology, 2021. 

CADSAT SW Tool 2: System level simulation consisting of multiple users located in different beams and with different demands. CA is enabled in certain users to face the instantaneous peak demands.

M. G. Kibria, E. Launas, N. Maturo, H. Al-Hraishawi, S. Chatzinotas, “Carrier Aggregation in Satellite Communications: Impact and Performance Study”, IEEE Open Journal of the Communications Society, Sept. 2020. 

E. Lagunas, M. Kibria, H. Al-Hraishawi, N. Maturo, S. Chatzinotas, “Dealing with Non-Uniform Demands in Flexible GEO Satellites: The Carrier Aggregation Perspectives”, ASMS/SPSC Virtual Conference, 2020. 

Beam Hopping with Precoding

Developed within ESA FlexPreDem project.

The FlexPreDem SW Tool objective is to demonstrate the benefits and address the challenges at various levels of the combination of Beam Hopping and Precoding techniques over broadband High Throughput Satellite systems. It allows to test different beam hopping solutions with different geographical demand distributions as input.

V. Gupta, V.N. Ha, E. Lagunas, H. Al-Hraishawi, L. Chen, S. Chatzinotas, “Combining Time-Flexible Satellite Payload with Precoding: The Cluster Hopping Approach” IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology, July 2023. 

System Level SatCom Precoding

Developed within the ESA CGD project.

This SW tool considers a PHY-layer abstraction to accommodate multiple users into the simulator, and be able to test the impact of different user scheduling techniques in satellite precoded communications.

E. Lagunas, V.N. Ha, T.V. Chien, S. Andrenacci, N. Mazzali, S. Chatzinotas, “Multicast MMSE-based Precoded Satellite Systems: User Scheduling and Equivalent Channel Impact”, IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference (VTC2022-Fall), Beijing/London, Sept. 2022. 

Satellite Traffic Emulator

SIGCOM has developed a satellite traffic emulator that provides the location of terminals and requested traffic over the Earth at different timestamps.  

For more information, please refer to: 

H. Al-Hraishawi, E. Lagunas and S. Chatzinotas, “Traffic Simulator for Multibeam Satellite Communication Systems,” 2020 10th Advanced Satellite Multimedia Systems Conference and the 16th Signal Processing for Space Communications Workshop (ASMS/SPSC), Graz, Austria, 2020, pp. 1-8, doi: 10.1109/ASMS/SPSC48805.2020.9268831.