Research Group Parallel Computing and Optimisation (PCOG)

Partner with PCOG

By collaborating with PCOG, partners from the public as well as the private sector can access world-class, renowned expertise in applied parallel computing and optimisation. The group’s vast experience in working with partners at any level, from start-ups to enterprise companies, offers specialised support for challenges in industry 4.0, FinTech, HPC, cloud and data analytics, autonomous robots swarms, smart cities, and systems biomedicine.

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Partners of PCOG

PCOG has partnerships with the following industrial entities:



    Deepening data and AI capabilities, as well as driving innovation, in ICT, aerospace and construction.

  • LuxProvide

    Bridging the cloud with high-performance computing.

They also have collaborative links with these academic institutions:

  • University of Lille, France
  • Poznan University of Technology, Poland