Research Group Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and New Technology (EINT)

Our Research

Analysing the business impact of innovation and new technology
Technology affects the evolution of entrepreneurship and innovation, creating completely new business models and funding opportunities. But what are the underlying features of successful ventures?

EINT conducts interdisciplinary research on topics such as innovation management, space entrepreneurship, emerging funding avenues, to achieve results that are impactful for businesses, policymakers, and the academic community.

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Researchers & Partners

The group focuses on the financing, growth, and success of new ventures as well as on business strategy, intellectual property rights, and sustainability.

Researchers with an interdisciplinary background in business management, or technical disciplines such as computer science or engineering will find a supportive environment to conduct impactful research. The team is characterised by intellectual curiosity and an interest in quantitative empirical methods, and their work has been published in leading international journals and conferences. In fact, EINT’s network connects to institutions all over the world, and their research has received international recognition.

Prospective partners of the EINT group are typically interested in discovering what makes or breaks a successful start-up, how companies tackle industry disruption, or the best practices for protecting or sharing intellectual property while monetising it. They can count on a team of experts to conduct quantitative studies in the areas of entrepreneurship, innovation and sustainability. With its award-winning research, the group complements SnT’s know-how in ICT with an overarching business perspective and timely, novel insights from a quantitative research approach.