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High-impact cryptology and information security
Essential security protocols for communications, such as those used in email, cloud computing and IoT devices, are based on cryptographic algorithms. CryptoLUX analyses these algorithms and designs new, more efficient ones to establish the secure standards of the future. The group also investigates security, privacy, and scalability aspects of blockchain-based technologies for FinTech.

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Alexei Udovenko

Combining Theory and Practice for Real-World Impact

Interconnected systems such as IoT bring a number of unique, complex challenges related to cryptographic primitives. The team, one of the few worldwide with expertise across the full spectrum of cryptology, conducts fundamental research combining theory and practice to achieve real-world impact.

By joining CryptoLUX, doctoral candidates with a solid mathematics and computer science background will find a welcoming environment where they will be closely supported. Researchers with an interest in applied cryptography and blockchain (DLT) will have the chance to conduct high-level research in the field.

Prospective partners with research questions regarding the future of applied cryptography, security aspects of blockchain, smart contracts, and FinTech will find a group with a very broad expertise. CryptoLUX’s research activities achieved a number of ground-breaking results, which were incorporated into world-class products and international standards.