Research area Digital Medicine

Complementing existing healthcare structures and procedures

Research Area Digital Medicine

Our research aims to align with the digital health strategies in Luxembourg and develop concepts to accelerate innovative technology solutions.


Data-driven medicine and innovative digital tools have the potential to complement existing healthcare procedures and transform the way patients, healthcare providers, and researchers collaborate in the future. Patient-centric digital healthcare services are set to emerge, catering to patients’ needs, continuously monitoring and accompany their patient journeys, and supporting clinical decision-making of healthcare providers.
With the advent of real-life healthcare data, the application of data-driven medicine can significantly reduce disease burden, enhance healthcare services and generate novel solutions. However, the integration of these digital services into existing healthcare pathways and the evidence demonstrating their benefits to patients, healthcare providers, and society are not sufficiently clear.
Experts from diverse fields, including medicine, data science, health economy, IT engineering and social science, are actively addressing the medical advantages, structural and procedural changes, and societal acceptance of these digital healthcare services

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