Doctoral Education Doctoral School in Science and Engineering


Head of the DSSE

Stephanie Kreis
Stephanie KREIS

Associate professor/Chief scientist 2

Doctoral School Facilitator

Aline Vander Borght
Aline Vander Borght

Doctoral School Facilitator

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Conflict resolution

Never let a problematic situation drag on, please, react as soon as possible

Every contact or discussion with the Ombuds team is strictly confidential!

The DSSE has established a team of “go-to-people” (Ombuds team) who can support you if you run into a problem or difficult situation. They will listen and discuss different solutions and scenarios with you.

We are aware of the power of imbalance between candidates, and supervisors and can offer advice on how to ameliorate critical situations.

The Ombudsteam is here to listen and offer an external opinion and advice. Furthermore, we can help with mediation or by guiding you to services or people within the university who are better equipped to assist you with specific issues.