Ten+ years of commitment to make research transparent and open access – ORBilu new version

  • Luxembourg Learning Centre (LLC)
    25 September 2023

Just over ten years ago, the University of Luxembourg (UL) took a giant step into making research transparent and open access by launching ORBilu, the Open Repository and Bibliography.  Since then, we have built a bibliographic archive of the scientific production of UL containing nearly 52,000 references, 18,000 scientific articles with 85% full text available, and several million downloads!

Scientific journal articles, conference proceedings and books/chapters continue to dominate the content of ORBilu. We also welcome researchers to deposit all their scientific output on ORBilu, and provide where possible open access to your research, to increase your visibility. In particular, we value scientific outreach and collaborative work, such as media work, lectures and presentation, reports and links to scholarly content produced or deposited elsewhere, for example datasets or technical developments.  Your research ensures that we position UL as a leading research institution and improve our ranking and reputation worldwide.  

It will take just a minute to deposit a peer-reviewed publication in the new version of ORBilu using a DOI import. In this method, ORBilu will retrieve the metadata from various sources to create the best metadata record for your reference. By enriching this with additional metadata, and attaching the full text, you make your research as discoverable as possible. ORBilu will provide you with step-by-step help and support to ensure your research profile is strong. If you are a new researcher, do not hesitate to reach out to the Helpdesk of ORBilu for extra support and training. 

We would like to thank each researcher at UL, the Rectorate, our collaborator University of Liège, for commitment and the driving force towards Open Access, and the staff of the Luxembourg Learning Centre who make the vision a reality.