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The aim of our self defense course is to make you more aware, prepared, and ready for any situation that may occur in your everyday life on any given day. Our head trainer will alternate:

a) safety discussions: how to avoid being a target, the „illusion“ of safety, the power of body language, how to handle a confrontation (verbally and mentally)…

and b) learning of physical techniques: how, when an where to stike, escape from grabs and chokeholds, how to handle attacks from behind, what to do when a weapon is involved, …

  • When

    Tuesdays, from 17.30 to 18.30

    No classes from April 1st to 5th and on public holidays

  • Where

    Lycée Belval sport hall, room P3.

    The sport room is located in the basement of the Lycée: you just need to go downstairs. Register and deregister at the reception of the Lycée.

  • Available places


  • Registration

    Registration is mandatory for each session via Affluences 7 days prior to the session.

  • Equipment

    Everyday clothes, shoes with non-markable soles and some water

  • Contact

    Léa Foubert –
    Giovanni Sportelli –

  • Languages of instruction

    Mainly French, some explanations could be given in a intermediate English

  • Organised by

    Student Life