Master in Information and Computer Sciences Studies

About profiles

Each profile has a set of required courses and a set of related (optional) courses associated with it. A student realises a profile if she/he has successfully validated all the required courses in a profile.

To obtain the master degree, a student must realise at least one profile. By limiting the number of required courses in each semester we ensure that the student can pursue multiple profiles if she/he desires so.

Note that the set of profiles is not static. Indeed additional profiles may be introduced to accommodate student, professor or industry needs.

Information Systems Engineering Profile

Learning Outcomes

After successful completion of this profile the student will be able to

  • use standard IT management approaches to flexibly incorporate business demands in technical solutions 
  • translate between the computer science and business side
  • spot and handle challenges arising from agile IT projects
  • see the bigger picture of an IT project, including the socio-ethical and sociopolitical implications of a technical solution

Semester 2

Required Courses:

  • Introduction to Information Systems Engineering
  • Smart Energy Systems

Related Courses:

  • Big Data Analytics
  • Principles of software development
  • Designing interactive systems
  • Optimisation for computer science

Semester 3

Required Courses:

  • Governmental and Regulatory Technologies
  • Financial Technologies

Related Courses:

  • Research Methods in Information Systems Engineering
  • Advanced project management
  • Machine learning
  • Philosophy and ethics of AI
  • Model-driven software development
  • Cryptocurrencies and the cryptographic blockchain