The first workshop on Human-in-the-Loop Applied Machine Learning in Luxembourg

    08 September 2023
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    Computer Science & ICT

The Department of Computer Science of the University of Luxembourg, in collaboration with Amazon AWS AI Labs, USA and the University of Leiden in the Netherlands, organised the 1st International Workshop on Human-in-the-Loop Applied Machine Learning (HITLAML) which took place from 4-6 September on Belval campus. 

Around 115 people attended the workshop both online and in-person to discuss recent advances and practical applications of Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence (AI) involving humans. 

During the 3-day event, keynotes, tutorials, paper presentations, interactive demos and a panel of discussions were delivered by world-renowned experts including Prof. Jean Vanderdonckt from UCLouvain, Belgium, Prof. Jonathan K. Kummerfeld from the University of Sydney, Australia, Prof. Janin Koch from ExSitu Lab at Inria Paris-Saclay, Dr. Ludovik Coba from Expedia Group, London, United Kingdom. 

Discussing with Dr. Bereket Abera Yilma who was part of the organisation committee, he mentioned that the workshop brought to light several points: 

  • Scientists were able to share their latest research findings, allowing the general public to delve into the practical applications of AI. The panel discussion, a highlight of the conference, delved into pressing topics at the intersection of Artificial Intelligence and Society. Expert discussions touched upon crucial subjects such as Generative AI, Bias Mitigation, Transparency and Explainability, Privacy, and Security.
  • The active participation of attendees added depth to the conversation, emphasizing the need for coordinated efforts in every facet of AI. The workshop , provided a unique forum for decision-makers, scientists, and end-users to come together and shape the future of AI.

The workshop also invited young students from Luxembourg Tech School (LTS) to feature their projects during the interactive demo session, giving them the opportunity to receive expert feedback, network with professionals and gain insights into the latest advancements in AI research.

Dr. Yilma received an FRN’s RESCOM grant co-funded with the Interdisciplinary Lab for Intelligent and Adaptive Systems (ILIAS). 

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