Prof. Inès Chihi explains smart sensors in engineering

  • Faculty of Science, Technology and Medicine (FSTM)
    27 September 2023
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During her inaugural lecture which gathered more than 70 participants on Belval campus, Prof. Inès Chihi introduced herself and her research activities. The audience was captivated by the talk and asked a lot of questions.

Inès Chihi joined the University of Luxembourg in 2022 as Professor in Electrical Engineering and Head of the research laboratory “Advanced Engineering and Smart Sensors Solutions” (Ae3S). She introduced her team and presented the collaborations already engaged with some partners.

Starting from nature and tangible examples, Prof. Chihi explained the differences between smart sensors and conventional sensors and how these sensors could be used in very complex scientific issues. “We are focusing to solve scientific and complex problems related to the smart sensor-based monitoring, modeling, identification of complex systems with unpredictable behaviours.”

Inès mentioned different potential applications in the fields of biomedicine, smart manufacturing, smart energy management, smart control complex systems and fault detection. She also explained how artificial intelligence and its correlates machine and deep learning help her to define smart algorithm and automatic rules. “For instance, to reproduce complex movement such as the handwriting from muscles activities, how many sensors dowe need and how can we reduce the number of sensors while keeping good estimation?”.

Participants were really interested by the presentation and the potential of smart sensors for current and future applications. They had the opportunity to continue the discussions during the cocktail.