Portes Ouvertes Luxembourg 2023: more than 430 visitors

  • Faculty of Science, Technology and Medicine (FSTM)
    21 September 2023
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  • Topic
    Engineering, Physics & Materials Science, Space

On 17 September 2023, the University of Luxembourg participated in the national initiative Portes Ouvertes Luxembourg by opening its doors on Kirchberg campus. Visitors could discover the laboratories, join different interactive activities and exchange with researchers.

The following laboratories and activities were offered:

  • 3D printing: watch 3D printers in action for development and optimisation of objects.
  • Heaps of sand: by studying the shape of sand heaps or other granular material, visitors could understand physical mechanisms.
  • Industrial laser: visitors could learn the principles of laser welding and laser ablation work and have their favourite cartoon image engraved on a small steel sample.
  • Interactive expanded vision: visitors could build their own spectrometer to split light and see the fingerprints of different gases.
  • Miniaturized satellites: visitors discovered where students and researchers build and test small satellites.
  • Play with robots: Visitors learned more about industrial, collaborative and mobile robots.
  • Service robots: visitors experienced robot dogs and drones.
  • Smart mobility solutions: Visitors had a sneak a look at the self-driving car, the very first autonomous car driven on Luxembourgish roads.
  • Walk on the Moon: visitors discovered the LunaLab, a lab that simulates conditions on the Moon for testing lunar robots.
  • Zero gravity: visitors visited an environment without gravity! Our researchers test the movement of robotics, satellites and other spacecraft in this lab.
  • Digital earth: visitors discovered how to use global navigation satellite system (GNSS), drones, 3D modelling and artificial intelligence to view the Earth in a digital format.
  • Wastewater treatment: visitors understood how wastewater could become valuable source.

In addition, visitors could meet the new Mascot, print their pictures with the 20 years logo of the University and participate in a quiz with four questions.

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