Master in Technopreneurship celebrates its first graduates

  • Faculty of Science, Technology and Medicine (FSTM)
    20 December 2023
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    Computer Science & ICT

Launched in 2021 by the University of Luxembourg in partnership with the Institut Luxembourgeois de la Normalisation, de l’Accréditation, de la Sécurité et qualité des produits et services (ILNAS), and the Luxembourg Lifelong Learning Centre (LLLC) of the Chambre des Salariés (CSL), the Master in Technopreneurship (MTECH) congratulates its first nine graduates. Today, they pursue their careers as engineers, consultants, and managers in a variety of national and international sectors.

The MTECH was created to develop skills in smart technologies in the ICT sector. It provides students with a knowledge base on topics reflecting current and cutting-edge issues in Smart ICT. It offers practical examples and case studies illustrating the use of technical standardisation as a tool for creating a common technical language, building trust, and fostering efficiency in the field of Smart ICT.

Joao Seixas Marques, Vice-President Finance Transformation at RTL Group is one of the first graduates. He shares his testimonial.

Why did you choose this training programme?

“I wanted to update myself with the latest developments in technology, digital trust including an entrepreneurial perspective. I chose this programme because I trust the quality and the credibility of the University of Luxembourg and its faculties.”

What did you like the most?

“I liked the mix of academic and business experience of the lecturers. Academics brought the technical innovations, and the businesspeople brought the way to commercialize those innovations.”

How has this Master enabled you to develop new skills?

“The programme helped me not only to reflect on how to deliver the finance transformation but also to create the foundation for building the business case, the change management approach and the governance.”

The three partners of the Master are really proud of this first promotion.

Prof. Eric Tschirhart, Course Director of the Master: “The MTECH curriculum was developed in collaboration with companies in the IT sector in Luxembourg. The key element was to upgrade and requalify the workforce, while attracting new talent to the smart ICT sector and to Luxembourg, in an upskilling and reskilling process. The MTECH is a well-balanced programme between a rich offer of academic courses and very practical applications in security and standardisation processes. Business application is the finishing touch to the programme. It exposes students to the wider coverage of intra- and entrepreneurship and prepares them to contribute to, and even be part, of the design, launch and management of a new business with the dynamic creation and extraction of economic value. This dual approach guarantees the transfer of knowledge that graduates can put to direct use in the companies where they work.”

Dr. Jean-Philippe Humbert, Deputy Course Director of the Master and Deputy Director at ILNAS: “The national technical standardisation strategy (2020-2030) develops a strong normative culture in Luxembourg, through education in technical standardisation. The MTECH highlights the relevance of technical standardisation as a catalyst for innovation and competitiveness. Students discover how this tool provides an appropriate common technical language to address challenges in the deployment of smart ICT technologies. They discover the technical standardisation community, and the benefits that can be derived from participating. Finally, students can spread the word within their organisations, helping to raise awareness of this rarely publicised yet increasingly important and strategic subject. The MTECH is responding directly to one of the priorities of the national strategy to develop this culture.

Myléna Runge, Advisor at the CSL / Luxembourg Lifelong Learning Centre, LLLC: “The new professions linked to the digitalisation of work and new technologies represent not only professional challenges, but also social opportunities for employees. This programme enables participants to acquire the knowledge and skills they need to better adapt to the changes brought about by digitalisation”, is how Nora Back, President of the CSL, presented the MTECH in 2021. The launch of this programme, in partnership with the University of Luxembourg and ILNAS, was born of a shared awareness of a changing market, and the ambition to offer employees the relevant training while reconciling their personal and professional lives. As the first class of the MTECH draws to a close, we at CSL and LLLC, our continuing education centre, are delighted to join our partners in congratulating its graduates. Their positive feedback testifies to the value and quality of this training programme.”

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