Internship in mathematics for high school students

  • Faculty of Science, Technology and Medicine (FSTM)
    24 July 2023
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The Department of Mathematics at the University of Luxembourg hosted eight students from Lycée Michel Lucius (Luxembourg) and Institut Notre Dame de la Providence (Thionville) for an internship from June 19 to June 22. 

The students were under the supervision of Thierry Meyrath, Education Programme Specialist at the Scienteens lab and Bruno Teheux, Professor in Mathematics. During the internship, the students worked on solving mathematical problems that introduced them to concepts beyond the scope of their school curriculum.

Furthermore, they had the opportunity to learn about the basic principles of solving games and exploring social networks using graph theory by participing to an interactive workshop lead by Ann Kiefer, postdoctoral researcher from the Luxembourg Centre for Educational Testing (LUCET)

As part of their experience, the students also participated in a workshop on the classification of mathematics designed by Pieter Belmans, Professor in mathematics and animated by Thierry Meyrath.

To conclude their internship, the students had the opportunity to visit the campus, which provided them with a tangible experience of Luxembourg’s transformation into a knowledge-based economy.