4th edition of the mathematical Math Camp

  • Faculty of Science, Technology and Medicine (FSTM)
    22 September 2023
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Like every year since 2020, the maths department DMATH organized its traditional Math Camp in September. This year was the 4th edition.

The camp offered a mathematical warm up to all first year students to ease the transition between high school and university, and was arranged in two independent weeks.

This first week, the Boot camp was organized by Guenda Palmirotta and Pierre Perruchaud which was a quick refresher/get in math shape quickly type initiative. Students worked in small groups, using a hands-on based approach to high school level mathematics. The aim was to review or familiarise students with concepts and techniques, focusing on those that will be used throughout their university curriculum.

The second week, Prep camp was organized by Ivan Nourdin and served as both a refresher on high school level mathematics, from the perspective of a university curriculum, and an introduction to concepts that students will be using throughout their bachelor studies. Students followed courses given by teachers.

In total, more than a hundred participants benefited from this camp, serving as a springboard for a successful start to their bachelor’s degree!