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About the Department of Law

A multilingual, open and engaging community which fosters learning and path breaking research with a transnational, European, comparative orientation.

Activity Report 2022


Studying law in Luxembourg

All our programmes, including the Bachelor in Law and 7 Master LL.M. programmes, benefit from the most advanced teaching methods.

All of our renowned teaching programmes are based on personal connections. They are designed to opens minds, develop outstanding legal skills, mobility in thinking and ensure that students will be able to bring these skills to action in solving key challenges of our time. Groups are small. Personal attention and support are guaranteed.

Our study programmes include inter-systemic problem-oriented learning, application of knowledge in legal clinical settings and the possibility to practice skills in various moot court competitions in competitive performing teams.

Facts and Figures

  • 1 Bachelor programme

  • 7 Master programmes

  • 1 Doctoral training unit

  • 32 Professors

  • 326 Publications in 2022

  • 22 Funded projects in 2022

Creating knowledge in law

A multilingual, open and engaging community of researchers

The Department of Law of the University of Luxembourg offers a research environment unmatched in Europe.

Its research benefits from the proximity of the European institutions, Luxembourg’s leading international financial centre and its vibrant business community. Institutional and private sector partnerships, sponsored Chairs and a growing network of international partner universities make the FDEF a vibrant academic hub at the heart of Europe.

Research activities are focused on 5 research areas:
Banking & Financial Law
Criminal Law & Legal Theory
Private Law & Civil Law
Public Law & Tax Law
Technology Law

Members of the Department of Law

A dynamic and diverse faculty who are experts in their domains

The faculty at the University of Luxembourg’s Department of Law is unique in Europe. All professors are highly acclaimed in their field, multi-lingual and with a multi-systemic background. All are dedicated and passionate about teaching and law. They are regularly consulted by national governmental bodies and European institutions.


    Prof. Herwig Hofmann

    Head of the Department


    • 32
    • 23
      Postdocs & Research scientists
    • 9
      Staff members
    • 86
      Doctoral researchers