Year in Review: The University’s milestone moments of 2021

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    15 June 2022
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The University of Luxembourg has published its “2021 – Year in Review” report. The document reviews the events and developments that shaped the University’s trajectory in 2021.

While still overshadowed by the COVID-19 pandemic, 2021 saw also bold steps forward and was marked by the formulation of a new strategy framework for the coming decades.

Other highlights include

  • the continued expansion of the University’s roster of study programmes,
  • the launch of the University’s supercomputer AION as well as of a first pan-European Master’s programme in High performance computing,
  • the allocation of new ERC grants for University researchers,
  • the creation of new chairs (Paul Wurth Chair in Energy Process Engineering and a new Chair in Urban Regeneration),
  • the adoption of the first Gender Equality policy and
  • the agreement of a multi-year financing convention with the Luxembourg government…
  • and many more.

In 2022, the University will prepare for the launch of a new Interdisciplinary Centre on Environmental Systems. We will make sure this new Centre will grow sustainably fast to tackle some of the most pressing questions of our time”, stated Prof. Stéphane Pallage, rector of the University of Luxembourg.

We live in a time of always available wide-spread information. Yet paradoxically, obscurantism and ignorance are gaining momentum. Our University should make its expertise available to the wider public. No other institution in the country has the independence, the rigour and the credibility to establish and re-establish facts. As a driver of development, designing the future of Luxembourg, it is our duty to do so. Education and research are the best ways to safeguard democracy. And this century will see democracy challenged. Let us make sure that knowledge prevails.”

Download and read the “2021 – Year in Review” report

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