Winter semester 2020/2021: Hybrid teaching mode

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    26 August 2020
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The University of Luxembourg will implement a hybrid teaching mode for the winter semester 2020/2021.

“Hybrid” teaching offers a mixture of in-person classes for smaller groups of students and remote teaching for larger groups of students. 

Groups are considered large or small depending on the type of activity and the type of teaching space involved in a given programme, as well as on the maximum capacity of the assigned classrooms, in line with the COVID-19 sanitary requirements of the University, and of the Ministry of Health in Luxembourg. 

Hybrid teaching may involve 

  • in-person classes/TP (practical work) – TD (tutorials), 
  • remote classes, 
  • and a combination of in-person teaching for part of the class and remote streaming of the lecture to all other students. (Larger cohorts that cannot be fitted into a single classroom may be taught in rotation where groups of students take turns to attend in-person classes and live streamed/pre-recorded classes. In cases of rotation, the teacher will assign students to groups.)

For remote teaching, the University provides technical support and advice for Kaltura (pre-recorded lectures) and WebEx (live remote classes). Moodle will be used to support teaching programmes and to communicate information about classes and content to students.

The University has asked all teaching staff to be prepared to return to remote teaching in case of a return to stricter confinement measures.

For up-to-date information on remote teaching and work please consult

All students enrolled at the University of Luxembourg must be able to be physically present in Luxembourg and on campus during the winter semester 2020-2021. If a student cannot be physically present in Luxembourg during the entire winter semester 2020- 2021, the University will reconsider her/his admission status. Students may be excused from in-person attendance only if they meet at least one of four possible criteria.

For more information about hybrid teaching and studying, please see the detailed guidelines.

The University of Luxembourg strives to achieve the right balance between providing a deeply enriching experience of studies at a university campus and keeping the university community as safe as possible in the context of the pandemic.