High score in Research and International Orientation in U-Multirank

  • University / Central Administration and Rectorate
    21 June 2022
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U-Multirank, a European Commission initiative to rank the performance of higher education and research institutes, continues to give high scores to the University of Luxembourg in its 2022 ranking released on 21 June.

In research, the University of Luxembourg maintains excellent ratings (score A) in the following indicators: Research publications, External research income, Citation rate, Top cited publications, Post-doctoral positions, and Professional publications.

The University’s efforts in knowledge transfer are also reflected in A scores in the Number of patents awarded (size-normalised), Publications cited in patents, and Co-publications with industrial partners.

The University continues to receive A scores in all indicators of international orientation: Foreign language bachelor programmes, Foreign language master programmes, Student mobility, International academic staff, International doctoral degrees, and International joint publications.

U-Multirank 2022 evaluated 2202 universities from 96 countries worldwide. The ranking uses a multi-dimensional approach that compares the performance of universities across a range of activities, grading each of them from A (very good) to E (weak). U-Multirank 2022 ranking is based on data from the academic year 2020-2021 and from the calendar year 2020.

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