Hands-on discoveries and workshops at the Science Festival

  • 06 November 2023
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    Computer Science & ICT, Life Sciences & Medicine, Mathematics, Psychology, Neurosciences & Behavioural Economics

From 9 to 12 November 2023, the University of Luxembourg will participate in the Science Festival, with seven workshops in Luxembourg-Grund in the National Museum of Natural History and in the Neumünster Abbey. The first two days will be reserved for registered school classes and groups, while the last two will be opened for the public. Researchers and staff from the University of Luxembourg await you for the following hands-on experiences:

ChronoPilot: Change your perception of time!

The perception of time is a subjective notion that varies from person to person and from situation to situation. Using virtual reality (VR), discover how your perception can be influenced by various tricks to give you the impression that time passes more or less quickly.

Sensor Safari: a sensory adventure!

Join us on an exciting journey into sensor technology. Explore different sensors and their functions using simple circuits and animations. Take part in interactive scenarios and enjoy games and activities based on them.

Cryptographic secrets and mysteries

Puzzles and challenges related to cryptography will be explored in the form of a treasure hunt suitable for children and adults. Discover which areas of mathematics are necessary for modern cryptography, such as Zero Knowledge Proofs.

The feel of Math

What if mathematics were tangible? Combine your senses to explore games that will take you into an ever-changing mathematical universe. Let your growing intuition be your guide. There are no formalities, just the pleasure of discovery and sharing.

Mind the brain

What does our brain look like? How does it work and what can we do to ensure that our neurons stay healthy? Discover some answers to these questions by putting together a brain puzzle, playing around with a network of neurons and competing in a board game on prevention of brain diseases.

Pipette and paint

Do you dream of programming a LEGO robot? Then come and find out how scientists use robots to help them measure and transfer tiny quantities of liquid. You can also give free rein to your creativity by painting with pipettes.

Escape game: Fight against malicious AI

We invite you to take the role of a detective investigating a series of mysteries related to Artificial intelligence (AI) happening in Luxembourg in the year 2032. Discover through an escape game four applications of AI, its incredible potential, but also its dangers and limitations to master.

Robots, our good friends!

Discover the difference in autonomy, intelligence and situational awareness between a robot and a remote-controlled platform by playing with an aerial robot (drone) and a robot-dog, using hand gestures and cues.

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Photo: © Science Festival / Oli Kerschen