European Migration Network (EMN) Luxembourg Training of multipliers

  • Europe Direct University of Luxembourg
    15 February 2023

In the context of the upcoming municipal elections (June 11, 2023), the European Migration Network (EMN) Luxembourg, in collaboration with CEFIS and the Department of Integration of the Ministry of Family, Integration and the Greater Region, have organised training for multipliers. The objective was to increase the interest and motivation of young people to participate in the upcoming municipal elections. Europe Direct University of Luxembourg able to participate in this very interesting and instructive training.

Since 2022, non-Luxembourgers can vote in these elections, provided that they are registered on the electoral roll and they do not need to reside in Luxembourg for 5 years. The Ministry of Family, Integration and the Greater Region has launched an information and awareness campaign “I can vote” →

If you were not able to attend this training, EMN is organising on March 9 an awareness-raising event Je peux voter at the University of Luxembourg (Esch-Belval) from 10:00 to 14:00.

For more information, go visit the EMN event page.

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