Europe Direct Centres in Luxembourg on “And this Also Europe”

  • Europe Direct University of Luxembourg
    14 December 2022

On 14 December 2022the heads of the three Europe Direct centres were invited to the radio programme, “And this is Also Europe”Elena Danescu, researcher and head of the Europe Direct Centre at the University of Luxembourg, Martina Kneip, head of the Europe Direct Schengen Centre, and Joëlle Weber, head of the Europe Direct Eisleck Centre, answered questions from Wendy Winn about their work, how they reach out to the general public, and the types of events they organise to discuss the work of the EU and involve citizens in shaping the future.

“And this is Also Europe” is a programme hosted by Wendy Winn that takes a brief look at the work of the EU and the impact it has on your life. To listen to the full episode on the European Centres Direct and other episodes of ‘And this is Also Europe’: Here