AI-powered Computer Vision: To the Moon and Back

  • 04 September 2023

Monday 30 October 2023 from 18.00 to 19.00
Lecture held in English
Belval, Maison du Savoir, Room 3.010


Prof. Djamila Aouada
Assistant professor/Senior research scientist
Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust


This talk is an invitation to embark on a journey through AI-powered computer vision, transcending boundaries – from terrestrial applications that enhance industries such as healthcare, manufacturing, and surveillance to extraterrestrial endeavours like space situational awareness and remote sensing.

As we navigate through tasks including image recognition, object detection, and pose estimation, we will showcase real-world applications, highlighting the latest success stories but also the technical challenges that are yet to be solved. While the rapid progress in these technologies has led to unprecedented capabilities and opportunities, we will also touch on important questions about their limitations, privacy concerns and ethical considerations.