Leo Rover in the ISM

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    06 juillet 2022
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Leo Rover mobile robots have been contributing to the University of Luxembourg’s teaching process for some time now. SnT’s Prof. Miguel Olivares-Mendez recently was recently interviewed by the company about how the rovers are used in his LunaLab.

The rovers serve a variety of purposes, including research projects and various experiments. They are also used in the Interdisciplinary Space Master (ISM) programme at the University of Luxembourg, where they function as an educational platform in the Space Robotics class.

Read the full article about how Leo Rovers are being used in the ISM programme in here.

“As a part of the Space Robotics I and Autonomous Space Systems classes in the ISM, taught by Prof. Miguel Olivares-Mendez, Leo Rovers are also used in the LunaLab – an analog lunar facility that emulates a visual appearance of the surface of the Moon.

The class includes aspects of programming and software, in particular Linux and ROS. Throughout the ISM course, the students have the opportunity to put the knowledge they obtained into practical use by implementing it on the Leo Rover robots.

On the simulated ground, the students need to perform various tasks with the use of a Leo Rover such as remote communication and operation, searching for resources by using onboard sensors, and providing the precise location. Basically, in the Lunalab, the students are faced with the challenge to test various applications such as the robot’s autonomous navigation, transportation, and manipulation, perform different analyses, as well as monitor and control the mobile vehicle. In the Space Robotics II class, taught by Dr. Carol Martinez-Luna and Prof. Miguel Olivares-Mendez, the students also work with a robotic arm that’s installed on a Leo Rover and learn how to operate it in “space”.

Don’t miss the opportunity to become an ISM student as candidates from the European Union may apply for the course till September, 2022. To find out much more about the Interdisciplinary Space Master at the University of Luxembourg, go here.”

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